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The Kokodama are availble in

12cm(boxed),15cm or 17cm

These are new to new Zealand Florist and are a perfect luxury product that you are going to love . This beautifully hand-crafted Kokodama pots, which have been planted with a select range of the lush plants from the Lifestyle Botanics brand.

Kokodama Pots are an environmentally friendly product. They created through sustainable practices, made from 99% natural fibers, and are 100% biodegradable. This allows you to return them to nature whenever they please.Please note that we are unable to alter plant varieties within the package. The image merely illustrates the types of plants that may be included.

*Boxed plants only available with 12cm pot.

Kokodama Hanging Plant

  • Plant varieties may include, but are not limited to: Callisia Bubbles, Peperomia Green, Blue Star Fern, String of Pearls, and Chain of Hearts.

    Water: Plant varieties are planted directly into the Kokodama pots. Please water sparingly to ensure your plants are happy and healthy.

    Soil: Plants are potted in their preferred soil medium. For more information please review each plants information page on either the LifeStyle Botanics or the Van Lier website.

    Fertiliser: Is only required once a

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