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The Philodendron Green Princess is a first time product for the New Zealand Market. It is a compact plant with glossy dark-green foliage which grows to 50-60cm in height. This combines the easy care qualities of the Philodendron family, with a plant which won't outgrow its place in the home.  Comes in a white ceramic pot. Habitat: Prefers a warmer temperature. Will grow to 50-60cm in height.Light: Happy in medium, indirect light.Water: Keep moist, but allow to dry out a little before watering again.Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat based soil which retains moisture, but does not hold water.Fertiliser: Every 2-4 Months or during growth periods.*Purchased plant may vary slightly from product picture - Ceramic pot not included.

Philodendron Green Princess 14cm

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